Workshops for children

Each educational workshops (25 children per group) offer an entertaining tour of the exhibition « Dalí, a story of painting » and a course visual arts designed to develop children's creativity by using different activities inspired by artistic references discovered during the tour.

Monday : Head in the clouds

Children will draw a silhouette on a dark blackground through which some cloudy skies will be drawn with dry pastels.

Tuesday : « An enigmatic landscape »

Children will learn how to form a surrealist landscape in the Dalí’s way : skyline, pespective and light work.

Wednesday : « The mustaches portrait »

Children will create three self-portraits with black felt. Each one will have a specific expression.

Thursday :  « The surrealistic monument »

On the basis of different architectural elements to cut and colour, children will recreate surrealist shapes on a support with volume.

« The cubist technique »

By studying Dalí’s youthful works, children will experiment volume and depth notions to create a cubist landscape with shades of grey and brown.

Friday : « A still-life which comes alive »

Children will work from a unexpected items.

Three workshop weeks : from 8 to 26 july 2019

Children from 4 to 6 years old – from 10am to 12 pm

Children from 7 to 11 years old – from 2pm to 4pm

20€ one workshop – 95€ the whole week

French language

In order to make the exhibition more fun, the aim of this book is to create a visiting guide both fun and educative for children.

Click here to download.

Have you noticed our little quiz on the port of Monaco?

Here is the intruder that has slipped through to the middle of the pieces of the puzzle.

It is a detail from the work Dematerialization Near the Nose of Nero (1947).

Dali jeunesse
Dali jeunesse